Audio Recording

Audio recording techniques


Sound recording for video/film

Using uni-directional microphone and boom pole

Using a Microphone with the Canon XA10

Audio Recording information here > Audio_Mics&SoundRecording

You can use either a shotgun mic or a handheld mic attached to the XLR connections on the camcorder to record much better audio than you would get simply using the camcorder’s internal microphone.


The above images are of a shotgun microphone. One shows the basic microphone and one shows how it is properly attached to the boom pole using a shock mount to hold the mic and with a windscreen covering it. The windscreen, as you may imagine, reduces noise from wind hitting the microphone.

The shotgun mic is uni-directional. This means that it records sound mostly from the front of the mic, and records very little sound from the sides, and almost none from the back. It’s a great mic for recording dialogue.

The shotgun mics we use at CSI require battery power. The batteries are included in the mic kit when you check it out. Mics that require some sort of external power source, such as batteries, are called condenser microphones.

handheld-mic-with-xlrThis is a handheld microphone. The image shows the complete kit that is available for checkout from the Cage, including cable and mount.

This microphone has a cardiod pick-up pattern. This means that it picks up sound in a somewhat heart shaped pattern, picking up more sound from the front and sides, and less sound from the back.

This is a great mic for recording voices, especially singing.

This mic requires no power source. Mics that do not need batteries or another kind of external power are called dynamic microphones.

pickup-patterns2This image shows three basic microphone pick-up patterns. The camcorder’s internal mic is omni-directional, meaning that it will pick up sound equally from within a 360-degree radius.

The middle image shows a cardiod pick-up pattern (the hand-held mic has this kind of pick-up pattern), and the last image shows a uni-directional pick-up pattern (the shotgun mic has this kind of pick-up pattern).

Boom poles in action!

boom pole operator

The sound person is holding a boom pole with microphone an wind screen; he’s also wearing headphones, which is an absolute MUST.


The complete small crew – camera operator, sound person, director, and subject.


An indoor shoot showing small crew and subject. Notice the boom pole operator, wearing headphones and keeping that mic out of the shot.