Prof. Cecilia Dougherty

Course syllabuses

Monday 10:10AM – 2:15PM – cin111-syll-mon-sp17

Tuesday 6:30 – 9:45PM – cin111-syll-tues-sp17

This site contains course information for Video I at CSI for both the Monday morning and the Tuesday evening CIN111 classes. This includes the current course syllabus and updates, technical information, how-to videos, course handouts, and whatever else comes our way this term. These items will be uploaded as the semester progresses.

Students can use this site to access updated course information and technical instruction outside of class time.

All text files are downloadable as PDF files. Everything posted to this site stays up all semester. Professor Dougherty is the site admin.

Course-relevant files to download or view online

Media_Lab_Manual – The Cage: equipment lists, rules, and phone / email contact info
DigitalDesignMedia_Manual – Digital Design Lab information
Equipment Certification CSI – Equipment Certification checklist – what you’ll be expected to know to get certified
CanonXA10_Manual  complete official manual containing detailed information about this excellent HD camcorder.
1CanonXA10_QuickStartGuide – simplified steps to start recording with the Canon XA10

EQUIPMENT (& CERTIFICATION…) – here’s what we’re using for this class:

1. Canon XA 10 and Tripod Instruction videos:

2. Taking a closer look at the Sachtler Ace Tripod:


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